Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Faith and Debbykins Podcast!

Faith did the filming and editing.
Debbykins did the talking and the paper.

Untitled from FDAA JHPL on Vimeo.


Debbykins: get over that you look like a rabbit. Be happy that I actually posted this.

Monday, April 25, 2011


So we love sharpies but hate the smell of them but we don't really care do we? (Wow I just said we like 4 times ..oh well ) Anyway, this is TAKS week so when we fishies are sitting in a classroom bored to death what do we bring? SHARPIES :) As a yearly tradition one of my friends brings sharpies on TAKS week and she will either wear a pair of old jeans or a white t-shirt  so everyone can decorate it. She brings different colored sharpies and some of her friends bring washable markers (Since those markers have some shades of colors that sharpies don't. I think this is a cool way to keep you busy and artistic and it keeps the memories for ever :)
Akshara :)